GRITtv: September 3, 2010

"Tremé is the musical heart of New Orleans just like New Orleans is the musical heart of America, and I don't just mean the United States," says Steve Earle, who knows a little something about music. The longtime singer/songwriter and activist has played a role as a street musician in the new HBO series Tremé, and has a long history both with the show's creator, David Simon, and with the city and the neighborhood in which the show is set.Earle joined us in studio to continue our coverage of the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, to discuss the city and the storm, the aftermath of the BP oil disaster, our ongoing responsibilty to change our oil consumption habits, and why the death penalty and the Iraq war are related.GRITtv viewers are surely familiar with the story of the Israeli assault on Gaza in December of 2008. But this week's featured documentary tells a more personal story from a personal friend of ours, occasional camera operator Fida Qishta. Fida is a Palestinian filmmaker, and her film tells the story of her interaction with Mona, an 11-year-old who lost her family in the invasion.You can donate to support the completion of the film here.Finally, Daryn Strauss, creator of the critically acclaimed web series, Downsized and the website, Digital Chick TV, shares her thoughts on supporting women in digital media. We know you'll agree...

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