GRITtv: October 4, 2010

"We need a grassroots coalition that's comparable to the Tea Party movement in many respects. It needs to be fairly decentralized, easy for people to join, and it needs to be audacious," says Bill Fletcher, Jr. of the way forward after the success of this past weekend's One Nation rally in Washington, D.C. ; This rally, he notes, needs to not simply be a nice day out for progressives--it needs to be a turning of the tide, a reversal of course away from anger and toward solidarity.Bill joins guest host Richard Kim of The Nation to discuss the rally this weekend, the media's reaction to it, and what it really means to be audacious.Laura was a cohost for Free Speech TV's coverage of the One Nation march this weekend, and she and Thom Hartmann spoke to two participants there who remember another march on Washington--one in 1963, for civil rights.

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