GRITtv: July 22, 2010

GRITtv is off to Netroots Nation in Las Vegas, but before we headed out, we spoke to Sam Seder, who beat us there by a day or so. Former Air America host Seder will be on a panel with Laura and others on the demise of Air America, and we'll be conducting interviews all weekend.As the progressive netroots gather, of course, the big story this week was a falsified video broken by a right-wing blog, and Seder explained why an equivalent story would never happen on the left. The problem isn't the medium, blogs and bloggers, Seder notes, it's a lack of accountability for right-wing "journalists.""There is no $20 billion in any fund anywhere in the world," says Mike Papantonio of the supposed BP fund to compensate victims of the oil disaster in the Gulf. He notes that while BP says everything is OK, it is also meeting with bankruptcy lawyers--and in bankruptcy court, they won't owe anyone anything at all.Papantonio is representing Gulf residents in their lawsuit against the oil giant, and he joins us via Skype from the Gulf Coast to fill us in on the latest developments--and the appointment of Kenneth Feinberg to administer the relief money to Gulf residents. Will they get their fair share from the destruction of their homes and livelihoods?Finally, Shirley Sherrod may have an apology and a new job offer, but we're still waiting and hoping for that national conversation on race to happen. Laura has some thoughts.

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