GRITtv: F Word:Learning Lessons from Socialist Hungary

Life, liberty, happiness, environmental protection... you name it. It's all supposed to be worse in Europe, right? As Paul Krugman said on ABC this Sunday, "There are some seriously strange people running, thanks to the Tea Party..." And those who don't believe that Sharia law's already enshrined in Texas, tend to flog the notion that Barack Obama's just one vote away from turning tthe US into a dreaded European-style socialist state. Well here's the news from one such state - recently socialist Hungary. There, state authorities have arrested the managing director of the company whose toxic red sludge flooded three villages last week The CEO, Zoltan Bakonyi, has been arrested and police have taken over security responsibility over all the company's Hungarian premises. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban asked Parliament Monday to put all the company's assets under state control. "Since this is not a natural catastrophe but damage brought about by people, the damages must be paid first and foremost not by taxpayers but by those who caused the damage," Orban said. And where is BP's CEO exactly? And how are those Gulf Coast villages? Just wondering. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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