Gritalo New York! Express Yourself!

Gritalo New York! with your hostess Elizabeth Casey, is a hip, exciting centered weekly TV show bringing you engaging news and fun events that are trendy and happening in NYC. Gritalo New York! seeks to deliver events on the arts, love, freedom of speech, peace, and personal growth, by showcasing segments on artists, cuisine, sports, interviews, beauty, fashion, great destinations, and much more! Watch what's important to you! Gritalo NY is broadcast on Sundays in Manhattan 1:30 PM # TWC 56 # RCN 83 # FiOS 34. Shout Out NY TV show broadcasts in Queens on Thursdays 5:30 PM & Sundays 11 AM # TWC 57 # RCN 87 # FiOS 37. You don't live in Queens? No problem. Watch us on If it's happening in NYC it's on Gritalo New York! Gritalo New York! Express yourself!