The Psychology of Seduction - Is life a seduction? - Professor Raj Persaud - Gresham College Lectures

Some people seem to be 'simply irresistible' - the title of Professor Persaud's new book on attraction - but is attractiveness something you are either born with or not? Can you learn how to become more attractive? Is attraction even the key cement that will keep us together until we are 64 - as the Beatles lyric asks? Could our society be too obsessed with desirability at the expense of more worthy values? Even so - what if these worthy values won't secure you a date? All our lectures are available for free download from the Gresham College website, in video, audio or text formats: Gresham College professors and guest speakers have been giving free public lectures in central London since 1597. This tradition continues today and you can attend any of our lectures, or watch or listen to them on our website. Website: Twitter: Facebook:

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