Philosophy of Religion - Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson - Gresham College Lectures

This event celebrated the publication of Professor Griffith-Dickson's new book, 'Philosophy of Religion' The Philosophy of RelegionSpiritual encounters, the problems raised by evil and suffering, consideration of the concept of God and the existence of God, are the experiences that affect our religious beliefs most powerfully. These issues are considered in the context of the world's many religions and philosophical traditions, examining the thinkers and ideas of different traditions and bringing them together in the examination of philosophical questions. All our lectures are available for free download from the Gresham College website, in video, audio or text formats: Gresham College professors and guest speakers have been giving free public lectures in central London since 1597. This tradition continues today and you can attend any of our lectures, or watch or listen to them on our website. Website: Twitter: Facebook:

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