How to get ahead in commerce: The sure-fire ways to make money - Professor Michael Mainelli - Gresham College Lectures

One school of thought says that markets are just casinos. Another school says that hard work and intelligent thought will pay rewards. The smartest school says don't work, just own the casino. So what are the guaranteed ways to make money, what are the successful habits of money-makers, and what can we learn that might help us towards a theory of commerce (before we make bags of money)? Along the way we'll learn a lot about competition, scarcity, information failure and externalities. All our lectures are available for free download from the Gresham College website, in video, audio or text formats: Gresham College professors and guest speakers have been giving free public lectures in central London since 1597. This tradition continues today and you can attend any of our lectures, or watch or listen to them on our website. Website: Twitter: Facebook:

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