Freestyle - Sneaking Up On Air

Here's a quick and simple drill to help you build a low breath in freestyle. Why do it: Staying low when you breathe helps to avoid popping up and falling down during your breath. It also makes sure your energy is used to go forward and not up. How to do it: 1) Start with some simple front balance. Both arms down to your sides. 2) Progress to front balance with both arms forward, position 11. 3) Initiate a pull back with one arm, while keeping the head still. 4) Now, as the arm pulls, roll over to air. How to do it really well (the fine points): If you're still popping up, aim low. Actually aim to roll over UNDER the surface and then slowly sneak up toward air. Rather than popping up to air, learn to sneak up on it so your body stays in a better line longer.

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