Compensation not Control - the Future of Music! Gerd Leonhard's Keynote at MidemNet 2009

This is the official video of my presentation and speech at the annual MidemNet event in Cannes / France, on January 17, 2009. The topics: why the music industry needs to license the Internet just like it has licensed Radio (i.e. with a collective license), why criminalizing the users & fans will not work - and why those efforts should be re-directed in creating a new, Music 2.0 ecosystem that actually produces revenues, where those new revenues will come from, and how the music flat rate - music like water - would work. See my blog for more details and the PDF of this presentation. The MidemNet blog is hereMy free book, Music 2.0, is here, btw.

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Futurist & Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard

The Wall Street Journal calls Gerd ‘one of the leading Media Futurists in the World’. Co-author of the influential book ‘The Future of Music’ (2005, Berklee Press), author of ‘Music2.0’ (2008), ‘The End of Control’ (2007) and 'The Future of Content' (2011), Gerd's background is in music; in 1985 he won the Quincy Jones Award and subsequently graduated from Boston's Berklee College of Music (1987). Since 2002, following a decade as digital media entrepreneur and start-up CEO, Gerd speaks at conferences and seminars around the globe on the Future of Media, Content, Technology, Business, Advertising, Telecom, Communications and Culture. Since 2011, Gerd's area of expertise also includes important "green" topics. Gerd's keynotes, presentations and think-tanks are renowned for his hard-hitting and provocative yet inspiring, motivational style. With engagements in 43 countries since 2003, Gerd has addressed over150'000 professionals, and is considered a key influencer. His diverse client list includes Nokia, Google, Sony-BMG, Telkom Indonesia, Siemens, Kuoni, RTL, ITV, the BBC, France Telecom/Orange, Deutsche Telekom, The Financial Times, DDB, Omnicom, the European Commission, Nokia Siemens Networks and many others. Gerd is a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts (London). He resides in Basel, Switzerland.