MTV 16 and Pregnant: A Warning For Girls? Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy? Real Teen Girls Speak Out

Facebook Fan Pages. Magazine Covers. Fame. Adoption. The real responsibilities of caring & raising a child when you're a teenager. Relationship Struggles & Baby Daddy Drama. Is this the reality of being 16 and pregnant in our society today? Is MTV 's extremely popular reality show "16 and Pregnant" educating girls on the real life struggles of teen pregnancy or are they glamming up an issue that has the potential to derail our girls' future? Kelsie & Her Girl Power Crew turn MTV's 16 & Pregnant inside out as we discuss all aspects of this very popular reality show. What's your take on this controversial show? Good Thing? Bad Thing? Girl Power Talk is an educational, inspirational youth advice talk show that tackles the growing up issues & social pressures faced by girls today. Co-starring a panel of real tweens & teens who share their experiences & advice to help other girls. Produced & Hosted by Kelsie Morales.

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Educational, Teen Talk Show helps Girls make smart choices. Peer To Peer Advice & Insight on the latest issues & pressures facing Girls today. Kelsie Morales Hosts alongside Teen Panel.