Ghostbustin' 911 Episode 2

Here it is! Another exciting episode of Ghostbustin' 911! The second installment of our little series introduces you to a new character played by Cory Deveney as the company floater named Tyler Martin. In this episode, you'll see the Twin Cities Ghostbusters get into yet another heaping pile of trouble by accidentally burning down one of their customers homes.

Ghostbustin 911

Ghostbustin 911 is a comedic fan film series filmed in the style of COPS and Reno 911, as a reality show where a film crew follows and documents the daily work of the Twin Cities Ghostbusters, one of many franchise offices around the world doing paranormal elimination services. This office happens to be under-paid, under-staffed, under-trained and under-equipped, causing many paranormal disasters. We offer half hour episodes and guarantee you'll laugh as the crew finds themselves in funny situations trying to rid the Twin Cities of pesky ghosts, despite their clumsyness, drunkenness and lack of attention to detail.