The Free For All Ep. 33 - Emotionally Disturbed Person 2-10-12

This week on The Free For All: Andrew rants about the car accident he got into. Who was at fault and why does he blame Jessica? Coco shares a story about the first time he got into a car accident. Mr. Wiggles also calls in with a wild story about a car accident he was in. Is it possible to forget how to drive or ride a bicycle? Andrew claims Jessica forgot how to ride a bike. Joe from Staten Island calls to talk about his experience leaving his home to attend a funeral. How difficult was it for him? Spencer, Andrew, and Coolteacher discuss a 14 year old student that shot himself in the face at school. Mr. Wiggles asks Joe to define his sexuality, and what turns him on. And Spencer, Andrew, and Coco get into a discussion about their favorite porn stars. What kind of porn does Coco like?

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