Super Sentai - Geek Crash Course

Michael and Diana "Geek Crash Change" into a Geek Crash Course on Super Sentai. While you might know it in its adapted form as Power Rangers, Super Sentai is a Japanese tokusatsu mainstay with a history all its own. Learn more about Sentai heroes, themes, and machines on the next installment of Toku Month! SUBSCRIBE for future episodes of Geek Crash Course! 00:00 - Intro and Credits 00:26 - Basics 01:06 - Fun Fact: The "Super" in Super Sentai 01:16 - Common Elements: Teams, Themes, and Robots - Oh my! 03:23 - Fun Fact: Puns 03:42 - Top Five! - What shows should you check out? 04:35 - Fun Fact: Sound Effects Through Time and Space 04:43 - Outro, Credits, and Mighty Morphin Gender-Swapping Check out our awesome affiliate, Almost Nerdy, at Follow us: -on Twitter at -on Facebook at -and at Thanks for watching!

Geek Crash Course

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