Resident Evil (Horror Month #4) - Geek Crash Course

Michael and Diana battle the zombie menace of the Resident Evil series. Learn about the games, the movies, and more on this week's DOUBLE-SIZED Geek Crash Course! Also, there's a bit of gushing over Edward James Olmos at the end, possibly because he follows us on Twitter now. FUN FACT. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for future episodes! In this week's episode: 00:00 - Intro and Credits 00:34 - Basics 00:56 - Game Formula 01:38 - Game Homework & Avoid 02:48 - Fun Fact: Biohazard 02:59 - The Movies and Their Sequels 08:12 - Fun Fact: Alice - What's in a Name? 08:20 - Movie Homework & Avoid 08:54 - Fun Fact: Worst. Game Dialogue. Ever. 09:03 - Outro, Credits, and Edward James Olmos Because Reasons Check out our awesome affiliates: - Almost Nerdy - - The Gallifrey Times - Follow us: -on Twitter at -on Facebook at -and at Thanks for watching! TAGS: "geek crash course" resident evil biohazard "Resident Evil 6" milla jovovich michelle rodriguez alice umbrella corporation zombie zombies infected video game film movie "michael nixon" "diana dekajlo" edward james olmos raccoon city

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