Quatermass - Basics, Need to Know, Fun Facts and More from Geek Crash Course

A classic British sci-fi serial, The Quatermass Experiment (and its sequel serials, Quatermass II, Quatermass and the Pit, and Quatermass) get the Geek Crash Course treatment!

Archive.org links:
- The Quatermass Experiment (incomplete): http://goo.gl/Lxxcl
- Quatermass and the Pit, episode 1: http://goo.gl/mnyvZ


Hosts: Michael Nixon & Diana Dekajlo

Quatermass created by Nigel Kneale

Theme Arrangement by Kristopher Fulton
GCC Theme by RobotBravo

Special Thanks to Matt Berk and our Kickstarter backers

Images/Footage: Archive.org (1953, '55, '58/'59 footage), YouTube (1979 footage), Google images (Hammer posters, 2005 images, Memoirs cover)


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