Halloween ON HALLOWEEN! (Horror Month #5) - Geek Crash Course

It's Halloween on Halloween as Diana and Michael challenge the deadly Michael Myers. But only one Geek Crash Co-Host will survive this terrifying franchise... Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for future episodes! http://goo.gl/ZYXM7 In this week's episode: 00:00 - Intro and Credits 00:37 - Halloween (1978) 01:34 - Fun Fact: Behind-the-Scenes 01:41 - The Sequels 07:47 - Fun Fact: The Face of Shatner 08:04 - Homework, Avoid, & Mileage May Vary 08:13 - Fun Fact: Inspiration 08:20 - Outro, Credits, and Diana's Breakdown Check out our awesome affiliates: - Almost Nerdy - http://www.almostnerdy.com - The Gallifrey Times - http://www.thegallifreytimes.co.uk Follow us: -on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/geekcrashcourse -on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/geekcrashcourse -and at http://www.geekcrashcourse.com Thanks for watching! TAGS: "geek crash course" halloween "michael nixon" "diana dekajlo" michael myers doctor dr loomis jaime lee curtis yogurt donald pleasance serial killer horror month 1978 1981 1982 1988 1989 1995 1998 2002 2009 "Michael Myers (character)" Zombie Scary "Survival Horror (Media Genre)" Jason Freddy Zombies Friday Nightmare 13th Trailer Thriller Gore Crash Accident Elm Street Chase Evil Old

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