Alien (Prometheus Prep) - Geek Crash Course

Michael and Diana prepare for Prometheus with a Geek Crash Course on the Alien franchise. Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, even the Alien Vs. Predator movies are covered in this week's episode. Though Michael's chest feels like it's about to burst... SUBSCRIBE for future episodes of Geek Crash Course! 00:00 - Intro and Credits 00:26 - Basics 00:32 - ALIEN 01:54 - Fun Fact: Necronomicon IV 02:03 - ALIENS 02:51 - ALIEN 3 (Cubed?) 03:20 - ALIEN: RESURRECTION 03:45 - ALIEN VS. PREDATOR & AVP: REQUIEM 03:51 - PROMETHEUS 04:05 - Fun Fact: Joss Whedon's Connection to the Alien Saga 04:16 - Homework & Avoid 04:31 - Fun Fact: Comics! 04:38 - Outro, Credits, and Chest Puppetry! Check out our awesome affiliate, Almost Nerdy, at Follow us: -on Twitter at -on Facebook at -and at Thanks for watching!

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