A Nightmare on Elm St. (Horror Month #1) - Geek Crash Course

Last year, we spent one week on some horror favorites. This year, we're spending a whole month in the world of horror! First up: A Nightmare on Elm St., featuring fan-favorite dream killer Freddy Kreuger! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for future episodes! http://goo.gl/ZYXM7 In this week's episode: 00:00 - Intro and Credits 00:28 - Basics 00:42 - Not-So-Fun Fact: The Horror Behind the Nightmare 00:59 - All of the Movies - Every Nightmare Movie in About Three Minutes 04:02 - Fun Fact: "Elm St." 04:07 - Homework & Avoid 04:48 - Fun Fact: Showing the Glove Some Love 04:54 - Outro, Credits, and the Size Matters! Check out our awesome affiliates: - Almost Nerdy - http://www.almostnerdy.com - The Gallifrey Times - http://www.thegallifreytimes.co.uk Follow us: -on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/geekcrashcourse -on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/geekcrashcourse -and at http://www.geekcrashcourse.com Thanks for watching! TAGS: "geek crash course" "michael nixon" "diana dekajlo" a nightmare on elm st street freddy kreuger freddy's revenge dream warriors child master dead "wes craven" new nightmare

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