Will a Built-In App Store Help Windows?


Ryan, a member of the LockerGnome community at large, asked: "How important is it for an OS to have an app store? I know that it has, and will continue to be a good thing for Apple. Would it help Windows?"

Windows 8 is coming and much of the buzz around the new operating system centers around a built-in app store that will be made available to users. In many ways, a built-in app store will be a very good thing for Microsoft. OS X and many Linux distros (Ubuntu, Mint, etc.) are already using a built-in and controlled app store to great success.

Bottom line, most users will appreciate the ability to install trusted software with a click of the mouse. This doesn't mean you'll be required to install software from the app store, but it's good to know that regular users will have an easily-accessible trusted software resource to pull from.


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