Todd Friesen - Confessions of a Reformed Spammer - - Todd Friesen is a former blog spammer. Who knows? He may have visited your blog in the past. Hear his tales of the "old" days, why and how he did what he did... and why he no longer does it. He is also considered by many people in the industry to be the pioneer of Search Engine Optimization. -

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LockerGnome's Geek Lifestyles (with Chris Pirillo)

What's it like to live a geek's life? Chris Pirillo puts his life on display for the world to enjoy. From Pirillo's Picks (a weekly gift guide for geeks) to Tech Topics (Chris's take on a trend) to Brick Builds (a look at LEGO loot) to Star Scores (a Sci-Fi show... and tell)... it's all about enabling the geek lifestyle!