Nokia N800 Mobile Device - Thoughfix, a regular community member, saw Chris and Scoble chatting about the iPhone and he thought he would chime in with information on a new device that might just beat the iPhone for mobile web surfing.The Nokia N800 is a device that some people say is actually better than the iPhone:It is built on Linux, so there are a ton of applications out there already out there. It comes with Opera 8, a full-fledged web browser with Flash 7. Supports WiFi or a dial-up connection via Bluetooth. Supports a full QWERTY keyboard via Bluetooth. Comes with an integrated webcam and microphone for Internet calling via Skype (which means you can use SkypeOut as your phone service!) Full Instant Messaging and E-Mail clients. Basically, it's a Tablet PC without the bulkiness of a notebook, or the near-minuscule size of a cell phone.Do you have a Nokia N800? If so, how do you like it?Want to embed our Nokia N800 Mobile Device video in your blog? Use this code:
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