Holiday Gift Guide - Travel

Are you a geek on the go? These are our holiday picks for gadgets that make traveling easier and more fun!

PowerBag - $50 - $160
When you're on the run, you don't always have time to charge your gadgets. The Powerbag has a built-in battery which makes charging easy!

MyCharge - $60 - $100
Maybe you already have a bag you love for traveling, so you just need the battery. The MyCharge can charge up to 3 devices at once - great for juicing up everyone's phones during dinner!

Braven Six Series Portable Speakers - $200
Braven Six Series speakers are great for filling your hotel room with some music, or for conference calling.

PlugBug - $35
If you have a Mac and an iOS device fighting for the same hotel room power outlet, the PlugBug will teach them to share.

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