8.05 Traversing the World of Sparkling Wine - Pops For Champagne

Tom Powers of http://www.gastrotommy.com continues his discussion with Craig Cooper, General Manager of Pops for Champagne. Craig describes the major regions of the world that produce sparkling wine (besides Champagne), tips us toward his favorite American producer, and explains why the magnum bottle will always be the best way to enjoy champagne. He also explains the recent trend toward rosé. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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After 20 years in restaurants and fine wine, Tom Powers created this original Web show that provides the public with an industry insider's perspective on the world of food and wine. The wide screen, high definition show is the first of it's kind since historically, the restaurant and wine industries have only been covered by outsiders and critics. Through www.gastrotommy.com, Powers introduces the audience to the chefs, winemakers and sommeliers that are shaping today's world of gastronomy. Rest assured, the name is meant to diminish any perceptions of an elitist approach. Simply think of Tommy as an old friend that will guide you through this enchanting, but often misrepresented world. Each bi-monthly episode has a celebrity guest, provides deep insight on a new culinary topic, and suggests innovative food and beverage pairings. Paid www.gastrotommy.com 'insiders' will be able to buy wine at a discount and will have exclusive access to rare bottles from the finest purveyors in the marketplace, worldwide.