Adventures of The Game OverThinker

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Mainly focused on longfrom commentary about video games and gaming culture from The Game OverThinker, bookened by the comic misadventures of The OverThinker and his wacky cast of friends and enemies.

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Episodes of Adventures of The Game OverThinker

    • ATGO - New Year Special: "THE FATE OF NINTENDO"

      Ivan the Intern and The RetroThinker take time out of sorting your "ASK IVAN" questions for a special look at the uncertain future of Nintendo in the wake of more bad news for the WiiU.

      • Release date
        Jan 22, 2014
      • Runtime
    • ATGO - "Year End Special"

      The OverThinker and friends end the year on a light note - announcing the next ASK IVAN installment!

      • Release date
        Dec 24, 2013
      • Runtime
    • ATGO - Episode 89: "GHOSTS BUSTED"

      The single-player campaign of GHOSTS features the most politically and culturally "problematic" storyline in CALL OF DUTY yet - and that's really saying something! Meanwhile, everything in The OverThinker's life is about to get a lot more complicated.

      • Release date
        Nov 19, 2013
      • Runtime
    • ATGO - Episode 88: "GTAV IS NOT A SATIRE (PROBAB...

      The OverThinker talks games, comedy genres and bloated self-important sanboxes.

      • Release date
        Oct 13, 2013
      • Runtime
    • ATGO - EPISODE 87: "Top Ten Games of Generation 7" The OverThinker counts down his top ten games of the now-ending 7th Generation. Meanwhile: A shootout, a jail-break and the comeback nobody saw coming... back... Have YOU checked out The OverThinker's first gaming book yet?

      • Release date
        Sep 6, 2013
      • Runtime
    • ATGO - EPISODE 86: "Stop Talking To Me About Lud...

      The OverThinker (grudgingly) talks about game criticism's favorite made-up fancy word.

      • Release date
        Jul 27, 2013
      • Runtime
    • ATGO - EPISODE 85: "REFL3CTIONS" (aka "E3 2013 S...

      The Game OverThinker and friends discuss the winners and losers of E3 2013 - including all the stuff Microsoft now expects us to forget they tried to pull. ALSO: The "OmegaThinker" storyline wraps up, while The OverThinker's relationship with a key ally changes... perhaps permanently.

      • Release date
        Jun 19, 2013
      • Runtime
    • ATGO - EPISODE 84: "Starving Artists"

      Game development is stuck in a bloated, unsustainable model - driven by short-sighted corporations and complicit consumers... but The OverThinker posits that designers need to shoulder more of the blame, too... Meanwhile: The year-long conflict against The RoboThinker comes to a close - or does it?

      • Release date
        May 14, 2013
      • Runtime
    • EPISODE 83: The Next Crash

      Disastrous product-launches, an apathetic consumer base and an industry that can't stop making gaming more expensive when the world economy is driving everyone else to streamline and reduce prices can mean only one thing to Ivan the Intern: A second Games Industry Crash is a very real possibility.

      • Release date
        Apr 8, 2013
      • Runtime
    • I'm Sorry (But EA Should Be Sorrier)

      The OverThinker sat down around 3:00am Thursday morning to explain why (and apologize for) there hasn't been a new episode for March, winds up rambling about EA, SimCity and the state of the games industry. ACTUAL new episode coming soon - which I promise will NOT consist entirely of an exhausted-looking man in a robe talking to a camera.

      • Release date
        Mar 21, 2013
      • Runtime