Frothy Pint of Metal - "Graveyard" Review

The seventies was an awesome time for music, and HappyViking will never shut up about it.

HappyViking's Frothy Pint of Metal

A scatter-brained and mercurial metalhead, HappyViking claims to be a 1000-year-old Norsemen who went from burning and looting villages to talking about music on the internet. Then again, he is a bit off his rocker, so whatever. Take whatever he says with a grain of salt. ...Maybe a lot of salt. His flagship is Frothy Pints of Metal, a show where he talks about heavy metal bands that could stand to be more popular, with the occasional lapse into philosophy, non-sequitur, and creative swearing. Though, occasionally he loses focus and reviews movies instead, just because. He's rather odd like that.