Interview with Fran Costigan

Recently, at Whole Food's (Devon, PA) 18th Anniversary, we had the pleasure to interview Fran Costigan, the queen of vegan desserts. Fran is a nationally recognized culinary instructor, author, consultant, recipe developer and innovative pastry chef who marries healthy eating with sumptuous tastes. Fran’s latest book, More Great Good Dairy Free Desserts Naturally, offers a complete course in exceptional desserts that are vegan by design, not by taste! Fran’s recipes use organic minimally processed ingredients to make rich, moist cakes, flaky pie crusts, delightful cookies, puddings and more. All are trans fat and cholesterol free and absolutely delicious. Fran was at Whole Foods doing one of her famous dessert demos, which attracted quite the crowd. There were so many local, vegan personalities that the event turned out to be a mini Vegetarian Summerfest. We've been very fortunate to hang out with her on several occasions and have seen what a generous heart she has. She's always eager to connect the vegan community and make it one big happy family. We love Fran!

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