FRED Learns to Air Drum with Power

Check out the air-drum movie "Adventures of Power" at Follow the director/star at ! FRED + POWER Written & Directed by Ari Gold - Produced by Anne Bernstein - Music by Ethan Gold - From the Soundtrack to http://AdventuresOfPower - on iTunes at Production Services by The Indie Workforce - Talent & Location Coordinator and all-around Man - David Reeves Editors - Lauren Auricchio, Patricia Baga Director of Photography - Steven Soria 1st AC/2nd Camera - Mo Azmi 3rd Camera - Fred Girardet 1st AD - Sunna Hettinger Production Assistant - Oona Garthwaite Sound - Noah Adams CAST: Fred - Lucas Cruikshank Power - Ari Gold - Insanely Sexy Grandma - Anne Bernstein Parrot - Bird Metz - Thanks to The Collective & Evan Weiss & Rob Czar Check out the air drum movie ADVENTURES OF POWER


I'm Fred Figglehorn and I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I can talk to animals. All characters are created and portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank.