Wooly’s Ice: Pimping Out Taiwanese-Style Shaved Ice on the Streets of New York City

“In my head, I just know that if our business failed, it’s not because of the product, it’s definitely because of our business acumen – that’s how much I believe in this product.”

Meet Danny Che, David Sat and Kenneth Sa, the founders and owners of Wooly’s Ice, a Taiwanese-style shaved ice food cart based in New York City’s South Street Seaport. This is a story that doesn’t need much of an introduction. I’ll let the video just speak for itself! Just go ahead, sit back and enjoy the silly seriousness of it all.

Wooly’s Ice won Best Dessert at the 2011 Vendy Awards in New York City. Plus, summer is right around the corner too! So, if you’re smart, and need something uniquely textured, cool, healthy AND refreshing, you’ll hunt these “ballers” down. I recommend trying an overflowing cup of their new mango-flavored ice with sea salt leche syrup and freshly sliced mangoes. It’s dope.

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