'Warrior' is a film that will hit you squarely in the heart. This early Oscar contender is a champ.

Two brothers face combat in the ring for one of the best sports movies I have seen in years. If you're not careful, you may take a punch to the heart in this emotional film that will surely get some Oscar consideration. Two brothers, slug out their emotional baggage on each other in the cage, in the moving father-and-sons melodrama and sports movie "Warrior". Joel Edgerton plays Brendan, a family man who earns a living as a daytime teacher and needs extra cash moonlighting as a local fighter. His brother Tommy, is played by Tom Hardy. A brooding war veteran who has returned home under mysterious circumstance. Tommy and Brendan's father is Paddy, Nick Nolte. A once violent alcoholic who's now sober. The brothers have grown apart and dislike each other. The only thing they agree on is the hatred they have for their father, and all those years of abuse. Through a series of MMA or mixed martial arts fights, the two brothers face off for a winner take all cage match. Brendan needs the money to save his home and family, Tommy wants to win for a friend and fallen soldier. Nolte's character, just wants his sons back. The brutal MMA fighting is a perfect backdrop for this family drama that just may leave lump in your throat. As a side note Jennifer Morrison plays a solid supporting role as Brendan's wife, Tess. It would have been nice to see her character be more of a part of the storyline. In any event, kudos to director Gavin O'Connor. He also directed the popular film "Miracle". He has created a film that could have been quite predictable. Thumbs up for tweaking the sports movie formula in a way that I have not seen before. The flick-o-meter gives "Warrior" five out of five. Its really impossible NOT to recommend this movie. The physical and mental conflicts, crisp acting, and great storyline are just too good. This film should be recognized come awards time. Is it in the same category as a Rocky, Raging Bull, or even The Fighter ? We will see. We have a new fan page here on the show. Whip your phone out, and scan the QR code in the video. It will take you to my new FaceBook page.Post a question or a comment. Let me know what you think about some of the movies that are coming out. You can also find me under "TheBrettside" on FaceBook.

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