'This Means War' is disarming and dull

Two young leading men duke it out over an Oscar winning actress in a romantic action comedy that may have you saying, what was that ? Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play CIA operatives, and best friends, who suddenly find out that they are after the same girl, Reese Witherspoon, in THIS MEAN WAR. Pine plays CIA Operative FDR and Tom Hardy plays his CIA counterpart, Tuck, in this movie that is more of a bromine than anything else. The two buddies become quick enemies as they fight for the heart of Reese Witherspoon, who plays Lauren Scott in this movie. Using all the latest spy equipment at their disposal they do what they can to sabotage the other's chances. That, in a nutshell, is the movie. Witherspoon, an Oscar winning actress, doesn't do much for her career in this film. In fact, it may just hurt it to some extent. Pine and Hardy play an unlikely duo as buddies on this mindless mission of love that may self destruct in three, two…. I'm not going to sugar coat this folks. Its not funny and there is very little romance. So much for it being a Romantic Comedy, right ? The flick-o-meter gives This Means War a two out of five. The only reason it gets that high of a mark is because of the star power of Witherspoon, Pine, and Hardy. There are a few cameos from some other stars but really, it doesn't matter. Its not fault of the actors, I think most of the blame has to be shouldered by McG, the director. He's taken the Charlie's Angles action he is known for and attempted to make a romantic comedy. McG, your mission has failed. Have a question or a comment. Get social with me. Head to Facebook, go to TheBrettside, and like my page.

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