The Devil Inside may cause nightmares

Brace yourself for another exorcism movie but this one is pretty scary. A young woman sets out to uncover the truth about her mother, who, decades earlier, murdered two priests and a nun while they conducted and exorcism on her in…THE DEVIL INSIDE. The movie, shot in a documentary-style, follows Isabella (played by Fernanda Andrade) as she travels to Italy to meet up with her mother Maria (Suzan Crowley). Maria is in the hospital for the criminally insane and when mother and daughter meet all hell breaks loose, literally. Can demons seize control over humans, or is it just mental illness ? No matter what you believe we can all agree that some things just cannot be explained. The Devil Inside tackles these questions and more while delivering some genuine scary moments. While not perfect, and certainly paling in comparison to The Exorcism, this tale of possession hits way more than it misses. Following in the in the footsteps of the Paranormal Activity franchise. The movie has moments that will shock, scare, disturb, and leave you gasping. So the flick-o-meter gives The Devil Inside 4 out of five. I'm a big fan of scary movies and this is one that will scare you, no doubt. It's a trip to the dark side that is, well, worth taking. So no matter what you believe in ... say your prayers before seeing this one. We're social. Go to Facebook, type in THEBRETTSIDE, and click LIKE.

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