The Three Stoogies is no laughing matter

The Three Stooges get a new look with some fresh new face and no one is laughing Welcome to the best film review show on line, I'n your host Brett Martin, thanks for watching. From the people who brought you There's Something About Mary and Dumb & Dumber comes the much anticipated movie about three morons in The Three Stooges. It's Larry, Moe, and Curly two-point-oh. This time around Larry is played by Sean Hayes, Moe is Chris Diamantopoulos, and Curly is Will Sasso. The film is three episodes drawn into one 90 minute movie. The Stoogies do what they can to try to save the orphanage they grew up in. This movie has been talked about for more than 10 years now and, sad to say, its pretty anticlimactic. I was never a real big fan of the original Stoogies and it's pretty safe to say that these three were doing impressions rather than a performance. The eye poking and slapping is so repetitive its almost sad. This film does not honor their legacy nor does is justify for bringing them into the present day. I'm talking to you Farelly Brothers. The flick-o-meter gives The Three Stoogies an unlaughable 2 out of five. Sure they look like Larry, Moe, and Curly but…if you love Three Stoogies, stick with the originals. That being said, get social. Head to my Facebook page, its called TheBrettside, and click like.

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