Movie Review: "Cars 2"

Those crazy cars with human-like features go 3-D and go global. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines, Cars 2 is coming to a theater near you ! Your favorite cast of car parts has left Radiator Springs for an international race that takes them all over the world in the Disney/Pixar animation Cars 2. Owen Wilson is the voice of "Lightning McQueen" and Larry the Cable Guy is the inspiration behind "Mater". The car and truck duo span several countries in a quest to win the multi-car race challenge. Lightning faces off against a world class Italian car, voiced by John Turturro , and Michael Cane is the voice of the british james bond-like car "Fin McMissle". The movie starts with a bang with the spy espionage set up but then slowly sputters to the finish line that is all too predictable. The animation backdrops in the different countries is fantastic with the storyline being the only thing out of focus in my opinion. Most animations these days come with some sort of emotional element and little nuggets of wisdom. Cars 2 does not. Sure the eco-friendly alternative fuel angle is a plus but its not the big picture. Cars 2 is simply a loud, colorful, lively diversion that is fun to look at, but really nothing more. This is not a bad film, its just ok, much like the first film in 2006. What made "Lightning McQueen" and "Mater" so endearing in the first film continues on to an extent in this one. Now that they are out of Radiator Springs more of the story is about their environment and less about them. The set scenes, the 3D, and the colors are truly a feast for the eyes, but the lack of character content may just leave you hungry. The flick-o-meter has tallied up the score and gives Cars 2 a decent 3 out of five. The film zips by, it will, at times make you laugh and there are a few small tugs at the heart strings. I will steer clear of calling this car movie a lemon but, in all honesty, it is a "Mater" movie. The dumb backwoods, country boy tow truck is the best thing about the film. Who knows, "Mater" may have his own film someday. So now you know before you go. Please check out my video here or go to my website to see all my reviews.

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