Iron Lady

We have an Oscar alert ! Meryl Streep portrays one of the most influential figures of the 20th century and nails it.

There is no question that Meryl Streep is the best actress of her generation and now she raises the bar as she transforms herself into former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in…The Iron Lady.

Most of the film has Thatcher as she is now, an elderly women looking back on her life. Confused, sometimes delusional, she carries on conversations with her deceased husband Denis, played by Jim Broadbent. Alexandra Roach does a fine job portraying Thatcher as a young woman, but its Streep's performance that is so powerful, its definitely going to be an Oscar contender.

There are some great scenes exploring some of the pivotal moments in the prime ministers controversial 11 year reign in the 1980's. The film is flawed, however, when it circles back to a frail old lady back at home, leaving you wanting more from an historical point. Fortunately Streep is so fantastic that you may just overlook it in light of a spectacular performance.

Its amazing what really good prosthetics can do in the hands of a world-class pro like Streep. The filmmakers though, seem hesitant to explore Thatchers less favorable moments in depth. The story of such a giant figure of 20th century politics should have been more engrossing, so the flick-o-meter gives The Iron Lady four out of five. Streep is so good you get the feeling she could have been cast in the lead role of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and pulled it off. The filmmakers, in my opinion dropped the ball because they didn't really focus on the key decade of her life. Deciding instead to be less interesting by having Thatcher as an elderly woman, wandering about the house telling her dead husband to wear a scarf because there is a chill in the air.

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