Hunger Games will leave you hungry for more

A best selling young-adult book becomes a movie and is bound to be a hit. Its a survival-of-the-fittest reality show that sends home its teen contestants, save the victor, in body bags leaving you starving for more. Its one of the most anticipated movies in some time and we have the scoop right here. I'm Brett Martin, thanks for watching. It has all the elements of a big hit, teen romance, violence, action. Mix in some rising young stars and you have The Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence isn't a household name yet, but she will be. Known to this point for her critically acclaimed role in the film Winter's Bone, Lawrence plays 'Katniss', one of two people from her district who must play a nationally televised game, in which there can be just one winner. The last one living. Equipped with knives, swords, bows, arrows, and other weapons, the massacre begins. This futurist tale takes place in the country of Panem, after an apocalyptic war. The country is split into 12 districts, with two contestants (ages 12 to 18) being sent to compete in this reality show. Jennifer Lawrence's partner is Peeta, played by Josh Huctherson. While becoming warriors they fall in love. Complicating matters and elevating the story line in the film. This movie has romance, action, danger, expensive CGI, teenage carnage, and attractive young leads. With ingredients from Greek mythology, George Orwell, and Stephen King…this will be a popular film for people of all ages. There will be more movies. The franchise is expected to be compared to such brands as Twilight and Harry Potter. I am confident that mainstream audiences will respond to the moral challenges in the film which churn under the pop-culture razzle-dazzle and CGI. The Hunger Games gets five out of five on the flick-o-meter…for no other reason than Jennifer Lawrence. She turns the movie into a hit by presenting a heroine propelled by principle instead of hooking up with the cutest boy. A great message and a winner in my book. Hey, get social. Go to FaceBook, click on TheBrettSide, join the conversation.

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