'Haywire' triggers the dawn of the new female action star

The next action hero is easy on the eyes but don't let her fool you, she'll knock you out ! Gina Carano makes her Hollywood debut as a butt kicking, no nonsense having special ops contractor, caught in a web of betrayal in?HAYWIRE. Carano, who has a mixed martial arts background, plays Mallory Cain. A killing machine who is on the run trying to piece together a puzzle. Michael Douglas plays the intelligence chief, Ewan McGregor plays her boss and her EX, Channing Tatum plays a fellow operator, and Antonio Banderas plays Puss and Boots?oops, her Spanish connection. Michael Fassbender rounds out the cast as a British MI-6 agent posing as Mallory's lover. The film is really all about the globetrotting visuals with flashbacks and long extended fight scenes, its hard at times to get a hold of the plot. Director Steven Soderberg, however, puts together a great musical score while using of a variety of cinematic styles creating, remarkably, an entertaining film.? HAYWIRE is a whole bunch of fun. I have to admit, I loved watching Carano beat up all those guys. I was truly impressed with her skills. I just wonder if she really hurt anyone. Dark laughs and a short run time of 93 minutes has me giving HAYWIRE a four out of five on the flick-o-meter. Sure the new girl, Carano, is a bit choppy with her speaking lines but she is solid with the action sequences. Strong performances from the other well known actors help her out as well.?You will see a lot more of Gina Carano, bet on it. Meanwhile, head on over to FaceBook and like my fan page. Its called 'TheBrettside'. Go there click 'like' and please, tell your friends.

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