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In 1982 “Tron” was a breakout film and role for a young Jeff Bridges. Three decades ago everyone was trying to create the next big sc-fi sensation after the emergance of STAR WARS. “Tron” was an important part of that cinematic era. TRON:LEGACY has Bridges, still trapped in electronic purgatory , in an 80’s version of cyberspace. Now his son, played by Garret Hedlund, has been sucked in and with the help of Olivia Wilde’s character they try to escape through video game, gladiator-style events. TRON:LEGACY, though it looks pretty cool, is cursed with a very weak script. This is yet another case in which all the focus is on the visuals and not the character development or story. You will be happy to know that once the movie is on the grid, about 25 to 30 minutes into the film, the movie rocks in 3D. Jeff Bridges of the old film is not the same person or character in TRON:LEGACY. He is more like the “dude” in the Big Lebowski here. Its also a bit disturbing to see him age-regressed in CGI. Garret Hedlund does a pretty good job as the son and Olivia Wilde shines in every scene as one hot sequence of binary coding. The ending naturally paves the way for a sequel so stay tuned for that. Since I am somewhat of a sci-fi fan, I recommend this movie. "Star Wars" was the megaforce that propelled us into the modern sci-fi genre. “The Matrix” changed popular metaphors for how we might interact with the digital world. “Tron: Legacy” doesn’t break new ground at all though the visual experience in 3D does compensate for the shortcomings on the page.

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