Don't give "Horrible Bosses" the pink slip

Would killing your boss make the world a better place ? If you have had a bad boss, and that is just about everybody, I have an idea, and I'm pretty sure its going to make you laugh. A dark comedy with big names is coming to a theater near you. Would killing your supervisor make the world a much better place ? That question is explored in "Horrible Bosses". Three tortured employees, fed up and desperate, combine forces to off their bosses, with the help of a hitman, played by Jamie Foxx. Charlie Day is the dental assistant who is sexually harassed by his boss Jennifer Aniston. Jason Sudeikis has a new boss at the chemical company. Its the owner's coke-head son with a bad comb over, played by Colin Farrell. Jason Bateman is looking for a promotion but will never get it with a supervisor like Kevin Spacey. No matter what the disgruntled employees do, everything goes wrong. Horrible Bosses is comical, raunchy, and even cartoonish at times. The cast is strong and that, in the end, is what makes this film. Its clever, silly, and hilarious. Horrible Bosses is really three small movies made into one. At just an hour and half long its simply a collection of funny moments. Everyone I know has had a Horrible Boss at one time or another. This film is something we can all relate to. The flick-o-meter gives "Horrible Bosses" a 4 out of five. The acting talent was top notch, if anything I would have liked to have seen more range, but it works. Though I liked Jennifer Aniston's character as a potty-mouthed nymphomaniac boss, it was not too realistic. Aniston craves nonstop sex with her assistant. This, for a heterosexual male, is a problem ? So now you know before you go. Whip out you smartphone right now and scan this QR code. When you scan it you will be directed to send me an email. I would love to hear from you. Tell me what you thought of my review, or the movie, and any other questions you may have. I will make sure to answer each and every one. Check out all my reviews at

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