Domestic Abuse

DVDs of our episodes are now available. This episode can be found at: Although this topic only infrequently receives public attention, it is a sad reality of North American life that many homes are fraught with domestic violence. Quite apart from the trauma that this imposes upon victims, it is now well-accepted that when children witness their parents arguing and fighting, this is a form of child abuse. How prevalent is domestic violence? Why does it occur? Can it be prevented and treated? What can be done to insulate children from this situation. How effective are the courts in addressing this serious social issue? Justice Brownstone will address all of these issues in this much-anticipated episode. Guests: Judge Gary Cohen, Carolyn Fast.

Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone

Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone is a one-of-a-kind TV show all about family law issues. Justice Brownstone interviews guests from the legal community to answer pressing questions that the public has about family law in Canada. Justice Brownstone and his guests help us understand our complicated family law system. Topics include parental alienation, child support, collaborative law, mediation, and child protection. Justice Harvey Brownstone is a sitting Ontario provincial court family law judge and author of the bestselling book, Tug of War: A Judge's Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles, and the Bitter Realities of Family Court. Disclaimer: Justice Brownstone donates ALL his proceeds of the show and his book to children's charities & receives absolutely NO MONETARY compensation in any form. Justice Brownstone does NOT endorse any of the opinions, firms, or people that appear on the set or advertise on the show or the website.