UPDATE on cop shooting himself in the foot. GREAT MOMENTS in FAIL!

There was a new development this week in the historic incident of DEA agent Lee Paige, who accidentally shot himself in the foot during a youth presentation in 2004.

Paige filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. government, complaining that the DEA leaked the video, which he states appeared on such familiar shows as

the Jay Leno Show, a Curreent Affair, and Jimmy Kimbel (kimmel) Live.

Paige claims that the embarrassment and publicity has ruined his career as both public speaker (like Tony Robbins) and undercover officer (like Tony Robbins with a mustache) which linguists agree is the most oxymoronic combination of terms since "gay Republicans."

It must have been difficult for Paige to watch his reputation to America's youth sink from "Respected Federal Agent" to "nothing but a big fat doo-doo-head"

But a judge threw out the case this week, so Paige's attempt to gain financial compensation for the embarrassment has only served to remind us of the incident so he could face more embarrassment as we note that he has once again shot himself in the foot. This has been a great moment in FAIL.

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