Funny Jan Brewer "Pause" parody commercial

Since the knowledgeable Jan Brewer behacomed Arizona's governor, everything has changed.
"We have changed everything since I have behacome your governor."
She has done everything she possibly could do, including the following.
Uhh, let me assist you on this one, Jan. Didn't you say you balanced the budget.. ;"We have balanced the budget."
Others who are apparently uninformed say that Arizona faces up to a $700 million shortfall, but how can you trust any information that comes from Arizona's Joint Legislative Budget Committee?
But Jan Brewer has spoken out against the beheadings that have taken place in Arizona because of illegal immigration. These violent decapitations have gone on too far, and they must be stopped or uhhh... well, maybe... maybe nobody knows about it except her.
Vote Berry Hess, I mean, uhhh, Jan Brewer, for Arizona Governor. I mean, she couldn't just be making this crap up, right?

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