Weekend in Sao Paulo - Robalo (Snook) with Shrimp, Lagostinos, Aspargus and Mushrooms

I have not been back in a long time. Jesus Martinez from Martinez Cigars (38 years in the business only in Manhattan) says he wants to go to Brazil. He also gives me the great news that he will sponsor the entire trip. Now I give him the bad news. It can only be two or three days max. A real Layover, just like I used to do. We work out the plans. Find some good fares, and we are off. We spend what is a great and short weekend catching up with old friends, enjoying Brazil. I love Sao Paulo. It is actually one of my favorite cities in the world next to NYC. It is our last day. Sunday. We have an evening flight. But we have saved my favorite place for last – Mercado Municipal. After feasting on the Bella Mortadela – you have to see the sandwich to believe it. We decided that we had enough time to head back to my buddy’s house – Jean with my nephew, Thiago. Gonna fix dinner for everyone. Sort of the Last Supper before we get on our flight. After devouring one of the loves of my life, we go shopping. Need to get ready for round 2. Nothing like a full stomach, great cigar and some wine with friends to relax you before getting on an overnight flight back to NYC. On the Menu: - Robalo com Cogumelos, Camarões, Aspargo e Sapateira. o Fast and easy to cook o Season the seafood • Robalo (Snook) • Aspargo (Aspargo) • Camarões (Shrimp) • Sapateira (Langostinos - I think) • Squeeze a little tangerine on it first. • Add to taste, salt, pepper and cumin o In a heated pan, I place the Snook. Add Rosemary and Garlic (watch the video). o Just want to brown the fish. It will cook fast. Watch it. o Now line a baking dish (make sure you add some olive oil) with the Asparagus on the bottom. o Place the shrimp / langostinos around the sides. o The Snook goes on top of the asparagus. o On top of this I place some wild mushrooms on top. A little more Olive Oil. o Into a pre-heated oven for 10-20 minutes depending on the temperature of your oven. Basically until the langostinos are pink and ready. - I also made a Salsa with Pineapples. Check out the recipe on the video. Pretty easy. Nothing special – except I used Sesame Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. - After 10-20 minutes, time to EAT!!!!


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