Eduardo helps Drew to learn a little about language--how it works and how it can be respected. What is a dialect? What do we mean when we talk about a language? What is does a standard language represent?

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Education Is Life

This show began as a supplementary lecture series to a multicultural education class for pre-service teachers. As it has continued, it has really become a series of conversations with young scholars and educators trying to wrestle the biggest challenges of our contemporary society. It is about the many ways we identify ourselves, are identified by others, and what we need to understand about the structures that both create and are created by them. Episodes available now or in the near future are on the following topics: Race, Ethnicity, Class, Language, Gender, Religion & Ideology, Exceptionality. We here hope that Education is Life for you and not only in school. We hope that what you watch here will help you in your own conversations as you engage in social action to co-create a better world. We hope this serves you well in your service to humanity.