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Daddy Knows Best
Game Night
Steve Rannazzisi (FX's "The League") gets too sexual at porno pictionary game night.

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Fred Flintstone

The Flintstones

Your dad is hardworking and extremely old-fashioned (basically pre-historic). He is always up to some kind of scheme with his best friend and may not have the best luck with fixing and feeding your appliances.

Homer Simpson

The Simpsons

Doh! Your dad is Homer Simpson! There isn’t much variation in Homer’s daily routine. When he isn’t home, he is at Moes and when he isn’t at Moes, he is at home. He makes impulsive decisions and has the intelligence of a reincarnated Beagle. Don’t feel bad if you are at the bottom of his list of priorities (behind donuts and beer) because he more than likely lost that list a long time ago.

Tony Soprano

The Sopranos

Congrats, you have the type of dad that drives a Cadillac with an unregistered shotgun in a school zone. Although its all about business with Tony Soprano, family is numero uno. He is a macho, sport-loving dad who loves a nice glass of an Italian red with dinner. But don’t take his leftovers, he’s got a short temper.

Phil Dunphy

Modern Family

You are the child of the man-child Phil Dunphy. Although he is your pop, don’t be afraid to treat him more like the competitive brother you never had. You guys will go biking and shoot hoops together, you may even engage in the occasional bro-act of vandalism. But keep in mind, he will try to outshine you in everything. And even if he is on the losing path, you may want to give in and just let him win; after all, he is your dad.

Walter White

Breaking Bad

Most kids would hate to have a high-school science teacher for a parent, but Walter White a.k.a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde isn’t just any ordinary school teacher. While Mr. White cares deeply for his children, it’s hard to tell behind his poker face, villainous grin and obsession with money. Even so, if you stay in school and focus in Chemistry class, you just may graduate into the family business.

Michael Bluth

Arrested Development

Prepare to find yourself in a lot of unfortunate situations with a father like self-centered Michael Bluth. Although he is the most functional and reliable member of your family, that isn’t saying much -- he is just trying to get it right. But in a family like yours not many things ever go the way they are supposed to.

Frank Reynolds

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Your dad is the egotistical, scheming, narcissistic maniac of Philadelphia better known as Frank Reynolds. Frank is a “ do as I say not as I do” type of guy; either way, you don’t want to do either. You are likely to grow up fast with such a twisted father, but it’s not ALL bad; sometimes, he is sober.

Randy Marsh

South Park

If you’re looking for the role model father with a good head on his shoulders then you are in the wrong family because your dad is Randy Marsh. Welcome to South Park where government secrets are exposed and your friends repeat fifth grade five times. But the most unique part might be Mr. Marsh - the ex-hippie who inevitably partners poor intentions with horrific decisions.

Don Draper

Mad Men

You might have the coolest dad around town in Don Draper. Don has a sly way with words and he won’t steer you down the wrong path. He is almost super human the way his hair shapes itself into perfect form and how he can drink a bottle of hard liquor on his lunch hour but still close a multi-million dollar deal 30 minutes later. Let’s just say he is giving the Dos Equis’ “most interesting man in the world” a run for his money.

Cliff Huxtable

The Cosby Show

Your dad is the quirky and comedic Cliff Huxtable! Although he always has your best at heart, never let him pick out your outfits. He also seems to have created his own type of language - goodluck in deciphering that. Above all, Cliff runs a tight ship, but he allows you to make mistakes and ensures that you learn from them. Too bad he hasn’t learned to turn down the knob on his loud sweaters.

Tim Taylor

Home Improvement

It always comes in handy to have Tim “Tool Time” Taylor as your dad. Tim is an all-around man’s man and means well. He tries to instill good principles and a hard work ethic in his children. He is by all means a family man who you are likely to have a strong relationship with, just try not to adopt his clumsy habits.