S4:Ep10 I'm Gonna Love You Through This

Illeana starts her talk show "This Side Up" live from IKEA and gets some unexpected career advise from her first guest. Howard Friske has a show stopper of his own, and although Illeana knows that "love doesn't come with instructions" she may have finally put it all together here at IKEA. The audience is not the only one loving "This Side Up". Illeana's agent Ben Rand is back and ready to negotiate. Manager Grover decides it may be a good "IKEA" to stay in Burbank and produce "This Side Up" especially if Lance's pretty sister Reece is involved.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to Assemble is an award-winning comedy that follows series creator Illeana Douglas and her journey from Hollywood actress to IKEA Co-worker of the Year. Sponsored by IKEA©