S4:Ep09 Will You Be My Partner?

Illeana begins to see a real future with Howard , both in work and in love may be possible. Judging by the winking and knowing looks, coworkers John and Karin see it too.Time stands still as Illeana and Howard imagine a shared past they may have had together. In a musical sequence Illeana fantasizes about the kind of women she wishes she could be.

Game night for the coworkers brings up unexpected feelings for Manager Grover when he meets Lance's sister Reece for the first time. Lance is happy he has his best friend back, and now needs to concentrate on getting his sister Reece a job on Illeana's show.
Manager Marcus wants all this talk of work to stop so they can go back to having fun.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to Assemble is an award-winning comedy that follows series creator Illeana Douglas and her journey from Hollywood actress to IKEA Co-worker of the Year. Sponsored by IKEA©