Apache Camel Essential Components

Apache Camel is a powerful, popular, open-source routing and mediation library. This webinar aims to briefly introduce viewers to Camel and 6 of the essential components detailed in the Camel Essential Components Refcard, including:
Bean Component JMS ActiveMQ Component Logging File Component and Testing This webinar is hosted by DZone and brought to you by the team that knows Apache Camel best. FuseSource, now a part of Red Hat, employs many of the leaders and key committers on the Camel project. About the Speaker Based in Phoenix, AZ, Christian Posta is a Senior Consultant and Architect at Red Hat, specializing in messaging-based enterprise integrations. Christian is passionate about software development, loves solving tough technical problems, and enjoys learning new languages and programing paradigms. His favorite languages include Python and Scala, but he spends a lot of time writing Java. Christian is a committer on Apache ActiveMQ and Apache Apollo projects and frequently blogs at his blog while also tweeting about interesting technology @christianposta.

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