Ximena Sariñana and Alex Liang Wong, Part 4 of 5 - Dubway Days [ep6.4]

The song's structure is in place, but they still need to polish a handful of pieces, including the last few lyrics, the vocals and the bridge. /// Though an already well-known actress in Mexico, singer-songwriter Ximena Sariñana is quickly becoming an acclaimed pop-rock star on an international level. Born in Guadalajara, the 26-year-old found her way to telenovelas and films at an early age, and not long after, she became drawn to music, inspired by timeless acts like Ella Fitzgerald and Paul Simon. Her work — such as her Spanish-language 2008 debut album, Mediocre — pays homage to those musicians, blending a refreshing mix of jazz, pop, and folk. The record earned her critical praise from Rolling Stone, comparisons to Sia and Norah Jones, and a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Rock/Alternative album. Her latest self-titled record, done mostly in English and released in 2011 via Warner Music Group, showcases her evolved sound produced by Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, The Bird and the Bee) and Dave Sitek (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio) — less stripped-down, with a leaning towards playful electro-pop. This catchy dance-infused style, along with Sara Bareilles tour stints and a spot on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack, has helped to make her a worldwide name. /// Alex Liang Wong is a Brooklyn-based songwriter, performer and producer who immerses himself in an impressively wide range of genres — everything from indie-pop and hard rock to chamber folk and afrobeat. He's created music all over the world, shared the stage with the likes of The Indigo Girls, India.Arie and Megadeth, and collaborated with a number of varied artists such as Elizabeth and the Catapult and Ari Hest — effectively demonstrating his flexibility and skill as both a performer and musician. In 2007, he co-produced Vienna Teng's Inland Territory, an album that landed on Billboard's Top 5 the first week of its release. His work can be heard in films like The Last Song and TV shows like One Tree Hill, and he's formed a duo with singer Amber Rubarth called The Paper Raincoat. Wong’s first full-length solo album, A City on a Lake, will be released in May. /// Official website for Ximena Sariñana: http://www.ximenamusic.com /// Official website for Alex Liang Wong: http://www.alexliangwong.com

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