Tracy Bonham, Part 1 of 5 - Dubway Days [ep5.1]

A native of Eugene, OR, Tracy Bonham originally emerged as an alternative rock singer during the mid-’90s alongside artists like Alanis Morisette and Liz Phair. Her debut album, The Burdens of Being Upright, gained widespread acclaim from Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and People in 1996, and her hit single “Mother Mother” received Grammy nominations for Best Alternative Album and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1997. Since then, her music has evolved -- its more recent incarnations heavily inspired by her roots as a classically-trained violinist and pianist, having studied jazz and vocal music at the Berklee College of Music. Her musical style now is less grunge and more mellow pop-rock, flush with rich layers and jazzy arrangements. Bonham has toured and recorded with the Blue Man Group and two of her songs, “Naked” and “Whether You Fall,” have been featured on Showtime’s The L Word. /// In Part 1, Tracy and Ben Arthur meet for the first time. As they begin to discuss their approach to collaboration, Ben proposes two challenges for them to tackle: 1) write a song that is a thematic response to Eric Clapton’s classic,“Layla” and 2) incorporate a dramatic tempo change -- which “Layla” is also famous for. Tracy then reveals her lack of enthusiasm for Clapton’s ouvre as she considers how this might affect her ability to effectively collaborate.

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